Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Episode of the Giant Lady

One day a little girl went wandering holding onto a fine silver thread that no one else could see. Up she came a flight of stairs and saw a room glowing like silver. She hide awhile behind the door and watched the Giant Lady who looked young but had flowing silver hair weave the most beautiful white feather like fibre. After awhile the lady looked up and smiled as if she knew the little girl was always there and invited her so kindly in that the little one who till then had fear in her heart forgot it all and sat by her...
Very sketchish but I so loved penning what was in my mind. Click on the pic for a better view :)


  1. yeh tune banaya?.....:O this is ur best.

  2. Hey Annie, thanks a lot for visiting me and for your lovely comment!
    You have beautiful work your self. I Love this piece )

    Cheers from Portugal

  3. This is very dreamy. I like the swirls and stars :)

  4. Hi Annie, I love this, I see your blog has magic too! Thanks so much for visiting mine and your lovely comment. :) xx

  5. Thanks sayantan, thanku partha ;D.

    Francisco, thank u, yes ur work was very engaging, really curious about your artworks.

    Thank u for visiting Laurel, cats was really lovely!

    Jess you really do have a special vision. I am a fan ^^

    Thank u too Ness :)

  6. Hi Annie. Lovely and magical. Thank you for loving comment on my blog.

  7. Love the limit pallet! Very charming artwork.

  8. wow again, double wow.

    This one is loveley, lots of wonderful design work, movement and ooddles to explore. This might be your strength? Clean pen work?
    Like your video was so clean.