Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sky Sorceress and the Moon

There once was the Sky and her beauty spread over the expanse of the Earth. By day when the Sun played by her, she glimmered, she glowed. 
But by night, when her dark tresses descended, there floated by, the Moon, fairest of all. 

Night after night the Sky watched the Moon like a piercing diamond in her eye. Till her angered brimmed and its beauty, she decided was to be dimmed. Magic she spewed and divided the Moon. And so it was that the Moon once full and fair, came to also be the Crescent and the Gibbous. That one might catch only her glimpses and see her full glory  once in a blue moon.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Elements

The silent Storm - the tempest stirs inside her. 
The stony Earth - walls disguise her.
And the moistening Rain-trickles away with her.
- Dandelion Head

Did you ever feel like you were THE ELEMENTS?
My room is surrounded by windows on three sides , so the changing weather literally pours in through it. It was a weekend, the season was changing. Winter was on its way off and the sun gently warming up was streaming in through the window rubbing itself into me. 
Just at my table where I sit to draw the sun rays diffracted through a piece of glass and split a rainbow. Yes a rainbow! I immediately put down a piece of blank sheet and set to ink this piece. Hmmm... so this illustration is made of pen, ink and the magic of a rainbow :) 
(Woven into the frame with my Canon 550D)

The Farewell

She calmly needled the thread and hung the dew drops before their fall. Then she took the reddened fruit and peeled it. The Rose turns white and the air quivered to ice. 

On Dream's Voyage

Today I shall be a fleeing princess. She travels to a land where all seasons meet each other, all at the same time. To where the sweet smell of spring engulfs her mid-summer.And so it is that she will lie in a sweet stupor neither asleep nor awake, craddled in mighty inked arms, through which fall the sun, the stars and all the celestial lights.
-Dandelion Head

Thats what dreams are made of, a fleeting glimpse of an invasion on to some mystical soil, a story from a century back of who you might have been, or were you suddenly absorbed into a fairy tale...Make a wish and spy, with your dreamy eye what you want to be, anywhere you wish to be, probably you'll travel as far as your imagination and slowly drift beyond...A vision that I bottled from my dreams.