Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sky Sorceress and the Moon

There once was the Sky and her beauty spread over the expanse of the Earth. By day when the Sun played by her, she glimmered, she glowed. 
But by night, when her dark tresses descended, there floated by, the Moon, fairest of all. 

Night after night the Sky watched the Moon like a piercing diamond in her eye. Till her angered brimmed and its beauty, she decided was to be dimmed. Magic she spewed and divided the Moon. And so it was that the Moon once full and fair, came to also be the Crescent and the Gibbous. That one might catch only her glimpses and see her full glory  once in a blue moon.


  1. Interesting... jealousy is so predominant in myths!

  2. Ah.. I made this one up :) It amuses me, thinking up a story and illustrating it..